Communication Solutions - Wireless telecommunication system; CDMA,GSM,LTE, FO etc Wired communication systems and ICT.


Power and Energy SolutionsGeneration, Transmission, Distribution, HT and LT systems, Instrumentation systems and Renewable power systems..


Process SolutionsValue added functions and solutions; PPP, Project Management etc. Audit, Quality assurance and management, O&M services.

Welcome to 360 Degrees Engineering

In 1999, the principal founders of 360 Degrees Engineering Limited started their careers in Nigeria telecom, Banking and Power system industries.

In 2005, 360 Degrees Engineering Limited was founded, registered and commenced operations. It registered great performance record evident from customer feedback.

In 2009, the principal founder answered to professional call to serve the industry at continental and international level with opportunity for further self-development.

In 2014, due to the size of the industry, dynamic changes and the need for dependable support services, it was time to come back and take 360 Degrees Engineering Limited to a new level in Nigeria technology solutions and service providers.

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